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ReCarbonX envisions a world where all producers are focused on eliminating environmental impact and investing in technologies that enable sustainable growth for humanity; where governments and consumers support transparency and responsibility.


We aim to enable an economy where sustainable and ethical production are the key market drivers.

We will equip our clients with the tool for transparency as a competitive advantage to win through consumer trust.

Producers are already starting to put great efforts into reducing GHG emissions and finding ways to use recycled plastics in their products, but very little of this is visible to consumers, who are making decisions every day when they visit the supermarket or retail store.
Real environmental value is often already in many products, but to uncover it, the average person needs to spend hours researching and trying to work out exactly who is doing what.
With ReCarbonX Systems, this environmental value can be made visible and understandable directly at the point of purchase.

“Gone are the days of loyalty to food brands based on name recognition or marketing dominance.”   —Label Insight Food Revolution Study, 2016 

For Manufacturers

Grow your brand reputation by showcasing the relevant data from your value chains and product life cycles. Demonstrate and quantify Company Responsible Care with minimum overhead and round-the-clock auditing capability. 

For Retailers

Build customer confidence and end consumer trust via the user-friendly ReCarbonX App, which makes product data visible and transparent with minimum overhead. Great for your brand, great for the consumer, game-changing for the environment.

For Auditors

Industrial certification made easy with 24/7 access to data via smart contracts and integrated industrial sensors. Move from spot-checks to continuous transparent and reliable monitoring, and eliminate paperwork as well as environmentally and financially costly and time-consuming international travel. 

People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.”   —Alan Kay

ReCarbonX’s team of industry experts have developed a blockchain based system using smart contracts and bespoke industrial sensors that can be integrated along product value chains and any system, as necessary—from the simplest to the most complex value chains and manufacturing processes.

Blockchain has been reliably operating in the cryptocurrency world for many years, and provides a robust and secure base on which to build tracking systems for industry.

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”
Albert Einstein


For Regulatory Bodies

Drive real transparency, flawless auditing and compliance monitoring with ReCarbonX’s smart contracts, built on the reliability of blockchain. Grow public trust with minimal resource requirements for both sides; round-the-clock auditing capability, and no more spot checks. 

Smart Cities

Start working with real data and tackle global problems with local solutions. Prosperous, sustainable and adaptive urban living is the future, and ReCarbonX blockchain based tracking Systems can be integrated across citywide processes and programs to make your smart city vision a reality. 

Smart Consumption

It can seem like we can’t make a difference to carbon emissions but we can! The power to influence change really is in our hands, every time we make a purchase. When we choose products that are proven to be sustainably produced, the manufacturing environment will change and businesses will invest in sustainable technologies. 

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VIDEO: A Tale of 2 Manufacturers

VIDEO: A Tale of 2 Manufacturers

Imagine two competitors who produce similar types of products: machinery and equipment … In this video we compare Company A, who use traditional methods, and Company B, who have integrated the ReCarbonX System into their processes. Built on #blockchain with integrated industrial sensors, ReCarbonX Systems automatically collects every processing, supply and manufacturing step along the way, to build an accurate and trustworthy picture of each individual product’s entire eco-footprint.

Greenwashing: Who has time for a cross-check?

Greenwashing: Who has time for a cross-check?

False or misleading claims (also referred to as ‘greenwashing’) harm confidence among consumers, and result in unfair competition with businesses that do things correctly.  —Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets Rules of Thumb for Honest Claims Recently,...

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