For Auditors

24/7 process and transactions monitoring
with our 
integrated industrial sensors,
built on blockchain security.


When 24/7 process monitoring sensors are integrated, value for companies who are auditing sustainability (independent or government agencies) includes:

  • Reduction of expenses for personnel: 

* less disruptive personnel field visits;

* by using Smart Contracts we remove time-intensive manual cross-checking of paper documentation

  • Improved financials: increased customer base thanks to elevated trust level of auditing system (moving from spot checks to continuous auditing).
  • No corruption, due to blockchain’s full transparency.

The LCA challenge

Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) is a very complex and costly evaluation that requires a large amount of data to be processed and interpreted. 

The integration of RecarbonX Systems makes this process fast, reliable and transparent. All information relevant for an LCA can be automatically collected, accounted for, and split between products and byproducts in a transparent and consistent way.

ReCarbonX makes Life Cycle Analysis a byproduct of normal business transactions and material flows without significant overheads, and with full transparency to your customers or the public if so desired.

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