For manufacturers

Your entire value chain at a glance:
from suppliers to logistics 
to downstream users.

Complete 24/7 process monitoring with
integrated industrial sensors
built on blockchain security.


Real Value Made Visible

  • Increased sales revenue due to market share gained through consumer trust;
  • Reduction of required resources (personnel and financial) to track material flows;
  • Improved, continuous compliance capability with no overhead across multiple stakeholders (business partners, suppliers, consumers, governments, certification and auditing companies);
  • Quality assurance, ISO compliance, business compliance (e.g. proof of feed stock origins or proper cooling condition of sensitive food goods along the entire value chain via integration of temperature and GPS sensors).

Brand differentiation via verifiable and measurable sustainability. 

Support your clients to develop a circular economy
or sustainability story based on
the transparency and reliability of ReCarbonX Systems.

Fast and easy implementation for existing businesses and value chains

No matter how big or small, simple or complex.

Every ReCarbonX System is customized to fit exactly your business or industry, collecting data that’s relevant for your clients.

Minimum overhead, maximum effect.


supporting sustainable innovations

The ReCarbonX System presents complex data in an easily accessible way so producers and manufacturers are able to make investment decisions for innovations that ultimately support a zero environmental footprint.

Relevant data can be showcased for governments and programs that support companies legitimately working towards solutions for eliminating environmental impact.


The LCA challenge

Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) is a very complex and costly evaluation that requires a large amount of data to be processed and interpreted. 

The integration of RecarbonX Systems makes this process fast, reliable and transparent. All information relevant for an LCA can be automatically collected, accounted for, and split between products and byproducts in a transparent and consistent way.

ReCarbonX makes Life Cycle Analysis a byproduct of normal business transactions and material flows without significant overheads, and with full transparency to your customers or the public if so desired.

Do you ever wonder which actions have the biggest impact on your company’s eco-footprint?

Company emissions are divided into three categories, or ‘Scopes’. Tracking the complexities from each scope is difficult when there are multiple plants, multiple operations and complex value chains.

Built on the security of blockchain, the ReCarbonX System automatically collects every processing, supply and manufacturing step along the way with integrated industrial sensors, manual data entries and even data from multiple ERP systems. Using transparent algorithms (so-called ‘smart contracts’) the system provides a clear, understandable, reliable, and provable data picture, from each product … to the whole corporation’s eco-footprint!




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