For government and
regulatory bodies

24/7 process and transactions monitoring
with our 
integrated industrial sensors,
built on blockchain security.


The Challenge for regulatory bodies

Sustainability and climate protection are of vital interest to the public and, as such, are subjects of regulatory requirements.

While striving to improve the protection of our environment, regulatory bodies and governments depend on companies to follow the rules by themselves, and can usually only carry out spot checks to monitor compliance.

These spot checks are resource intensive and often regarded as insufficient when examples of companies violating the rules intentionally or unintentionally surface in the public media.

Systems like emission certificate trade, or water or soil contamination, for example, are frequently subject to fraud and breach of trust, and are hard to control.

Drive true transparency, flawless auditing and compliance monitoring across entire industries.


Bespoke data in real time

Blockchain is frequently discussed as a breakthrough enabler for public records and data tracking due to its inherent secure and transparent nature. However, the bulk of these solutions rely on existing databases that often draw on general industry averages.

With ReCarbonX Systems, governments and regulatory bodies have access to a very efficient, gapless and transparent system that captures product-specific real-world data in real time. It enables enforcement of regulatory requirements, and is able to track and show compliance around the clock.

The combination of smart contracts, integrated industrial sensors and unforgeable data origins offer ideal setups for ultra-scalable monitoring and auditing of compliance of companies with even the most complex value chains.

Low overheads on both sides

Transparent and flawless auditing and compliance monitoring is now possible with minimum resource requirements for both auditors and producers to fulfil and document certification requirements.

When we enable round-the-clock monitoring instead of today’s usual spot checks, overall trust and compliance increases.

The LCA challenge

Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) is a very complex and costly evaluation that requires a large amount of data to be processed and interpreted. 

The integration of RecarbonX Systems makes this process fast, reliable and transparent. All information relevant for an LCA can be automatically collected, accounted for, and split between products and byproducts in a transparent and consistent way.

ReCarbonX makes Life Cycle Analysis a byproduct of normal business transactions and material flows without significant overheads, and with full transparency to your customers or the public if so desired.

Built on the security of blockchain, the ReCarbonX System automatically collects every processing, supply and manufacturing step along the way with integrated industrial sensors, manual data entries and even data from multiple ERP systems. 

Using transparent algorithms (so-called ‘smart contracts’) the system provides a clear, understandable, reliable, and provable data picture, from each product, enabling full transparency for regulatory requirements, and proof that sustainability, quality and health standards are being upheld.



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