smart cities

LOCAL solutions to GLOBAL problems.

Implement our blockchain based systems in your city
and start working with real data
towards prosperous, sustainable
and adaptive urban living.


For City decision makers


Are you ready for a new world?

… a world in which trust and full support of municipal authorities and decision makers is built on transparency and reliable data?

… a world where citizens have access to data that helps them understand limitations and the reasons behind decisions, and are an integral part of developing smart solutions that lead to prosperous and healthy city living?

Smart City solutions harness the power of digitalization and the Internet of Things (IoT) to enable and assist data driven decisions for growing urban populations.

ReCarbonX’s smart, blockchain based system can be integrated into citywide processes and Smart City programs to enable you to work with real-world data that cannot be manipulated by vendors, contractors, service providers or manufactures.

Low overheads, high value returns.

    Connectivity, sustainability, liveability.


    For citizens

    An easy-to-use App enables you to see and understand complex information about daily life in your city; data that can’t be manipulated by authorities, and which allow you to participate in data-driven decision making processes. 

    You’re able to see everyday, real and reliable data in sectors such as:

    • GHG emissions
    • dangerous gases pollutions
    • waste collection and recycling
    • water quality use and treatment
    • organic food points (restaurants, markets, supermarkets, cafeterias)
    • parks and gardens
    • collection of second-hand clothing, paper, metal or glass
    • public transportation
    • monthly financial reports of municipalities

    … and many more data that are important not only for daily life decisions, but can also enable you to support ‘smart’ municipal or government requests and demands around resource use and efficiency for your city.

    Contact our team to find out how 
    the ReCarbonX certification program
    can help you serve your city and your citizens.