The ReCarbonx

Sustainability Simulator

Model your changes before investing.

For data-driven decision-making.


For company decision makers

The Sustainability Simulator is an added benefit for ReCarbonX clients.

Do you ever wonder which actions will have the biggest impact on your company’s eco-footprint?

An investment in renewable energy? Greener and more efficient logistics? Or perhaps sourcing a different, more eco-friendly raw material? 

The ReCarbonX Sustainability Simulator allows you to model these scenarios to help you make data-driven decisions, commitments, partnerships and investments, and to demonstrate your results reliably and understandably to your board, governments, investors, auditors, and to end-consumers.

  • Demonstrates how each product’s eco-footprint depends on all production inputs. 
  • Supports dynamic decision-making processes based on real data and manufacturing inputs comparison to optimize every product footprint.
  • Enables data-based management and production decisions to optimize with highest return.

Do you ever feel frustrated that you can’t show your customer the true impact of your product or ingredient, and how it could in turn help them reduce their eco-footprint?

 With the ReCarbonX Simulator you can offer your Client:

  • A virtual simulation showing the impact of using your product as a raw material in their final product’s eco-footprint, vs. alternative suppliers.
  • Easy benchmarking and demonstration of the value of using your products in their manufacturing process or value chains,  vs. traditional materials or specific competitive products.

For data-driven sustainability modelling and investments.


Built on the security of blockchain, the ReCarbonX system automatically collects every processing, supply and manufacturing step along the way, with integrated industrial sensors, manual data entries, and even data from multiple ERP systems.

Using transparent algorithms (so-called ‘smart contracts’), the system provides a clear, understandable, reliable, and provable data picture. From each product to the whole corporation’s eco-footprint.

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the ReCarbonX Sustainability Simulator can help your company get an accurate picture of their Scopes 1, 2 and 3 emissions … and what you can do about it.