For Retailers

Eco transparency 
along the entire value chain.


A Global Challenge

It is clear by now that there is a very real consumer preference to buy products made with sustainably produced and recycled materials. And the demand is growing.

But cleaning up and re-using visible carbon emissions like end-of-life plastics (ocean plastic and other plastic waste) is only one part of the sustainability story.

In order to fully address a growing population—and its associated consumption—and the climate challenges we are facing, we need to demystify traditionally opaque manufacturing production processes.

To do this we need to be able to gather data across entire value chains at scale.

Brand differentiation
via verifiable and measurable sustainability.

Real value made visible
for your brands

  • Improved, continuous compliance capability with no overhead across multiple stakeholders (business partners, suppliers, consumers, governments, certification and auditing companies);
  • Quality assurance, ISO compliance, business compliance (e.g. proof of food stock origin or proper cooling condition of sensitive food goods along the entire value chain via integration of temperature and GPS sensors).
  • Automatic tracking via integrated industrial sensors of renewables and non renewables consumed, emissions generated during manufacture, as well as transportation of products.

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Value for your customer

With ReCarbonX Certification and App, your brand differentiation is made visible.

Showcase at a granular level detail such as your product’s organic content and origins, GHG footprint, water and energy use, percentage of recycled or ocean plastics, emissions during transport.