Before any food product can be sent to a supermarket, we need to be sure it meets quality and health standards. In this video, we look at the processes surrounding two different burgers:

BURGER A processes are being monitored with traditional methods.

BURGER B processes are being tracked with ReCarbonX Systems, essentially a DIGITAL TWIN of all processes, controlled by smart contracts that capture all relevant, real-world information in real-time, and store it in the right place. With ReCarbonX Systems, all records are always available, with no risk of misplacing even one little detail. On-screen, interactive guidance directs employees’ actions in real-time, eliminating human error, so there’s no place for disruptive and time-intensive disagreements.

Productivity goes up and, finally, when the product is on supermarket shelves, retailers and consumers can see immediately with a QR Code that the entire production process is controlled, certified, and trustworthy!